You cannot react “haha” in react js , Just kidding! In the front-end development field react is one of the most demanding and hot tech requirement which is highly getting adapted by startups

As you can build a spa (single page application) in React you can easily switch to mobile app development later with ease.

Community supports

As it backed by facebook the community support from Facebook developers solves almost every problem you faced while developing

Pre-built libraries and packages

From geo-location to temperature tracking everything you just need to install dependencies and start using them as components

Easy to learn

Basic and fundamentals of reactjs are used for easy and complex projects. The learning curve of react js is fast as compared to other frontend libraries

Market needs and Job opportunities

In recent years reactjs experiences a high demand due to its capabilities of reusing components and modular structure. React js is highly flexible and efficient for large enterprise applications as well.

Mobile App development

Freelance Career

Bonus tips on how to start learning React js

  1. Join the community of react js developers
  2. Follow people who share learnings of React daily on social media, You can follow me on Instagram
  3. Get yourself comfortable with Git
  4. Read more blogs than watching videos for tutorials for fast learning

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